What are the prices?
The price depends of the solution. Once you send us your information and specifications, we will send you a resume-of-costs and the price of our services depending on what we need to do in order to develop your idea.
When do I have to pay?
It depends on the solution, if its a regular website or a solution that won't take more than one month of development, you can pay at the end of our work. Otherwise, if the solution will take more than a month, we will deliver advances or prototypes every specific amount of time (this is described in the "job plan" that we'll send you); After you review the advances, it is a requirement to pay the "compromise fee" which is the 10% of the total cost of the solution.
For instance: The time of development for your solution is 3 months; We will deliver advances in the first and second month, in each of these months, you'll have to pay the 10% of the total cost; In the third month, when we finish your solution, you will have to pay the rest (80% of the total cost).
How much time will take the solution?
The time of developing depends on the complexity of the solution, when you send us your specifications, we write down a "job plan" where we describe the time and get the estimated cost of all the solution. This information is sent to you, if you agree with the job plan then we start working.
Do you do "outsourcing"?
We don't work with other developers' companies, we work directly with the final client/company.
Where are you located?
We are located at Ensenada, Mexico.
How do you work?
After you contact us, we send you a form where you can describe in detail what you need, then after you send us your information, we will analyze your data and send you a description of the solution that we can develop to solve your needs, afterward, if you agree with the solution, we send you a "job plan" where we describe: time of development and advances, costs for our services and any additional costs like server or host where your solution will be hosted, licenses, etc. If you agree with the job plan, we start developing your solution.
Do you make tailor-made software?
Yes and that's our main vision, even if you only want regular websites, we don't work with Wordpress, Joomla or those common Content Management Systems or prefab things that are used by most the developers, we like the idea of using "frameworks" to speed up the work but not work with public CMS. We are more the guys who know how to develop a CMS for a specific user or organization and not the guys who know how to use a CMS to make websites.
What information do you need from us for our software to be made?
Nothing but your user-stories, requirements or specifications. We take care of the full development process. If you already had a design or hosting, you can give us the information and we can work with it.
​​Got some doubts? Checkout the Hot it works section or Send us an email to info@mahcode.com